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A Guide to Myanmar Museums


The beauty and history of the county of Myanmar is impeccable and this is largely attributed to the fact that the country has a very rich historical culture. This culture is clearly stored in the museums hence the heavy traffic of visitors that visit the country's museum. Indeed the vibrancy of this history and culture lies in the museums where there is much more than meets the eye. Also important to mention is the fact that the country boasts of several museums. Following from this visiting the museums once you visit Myanmar should be a must-do on your list of activities. They are a must-visit.


The need for visit Myanmar museums cannot be underestimated. There is the ambience in these historically rich places that gives you a feel of the real Burma. This is not withstanding the fact that their beauty and elegance is unmatched! So far you must have understood the why aspects of museums in Myanmar. It would only be prudent for you to know some of the top museums in the country so as to book a date with them once you visit. Top on this list is The National Museum of Myanmar.  Get myanmar luxury tours here!


This museum tops our list simply because it is the main museum not only in the country but also as far as the cultural and historical aspects of the Burmese culture are concerned. Having been built in the 50's and specifically in the year 1952, this museum is a cultural haven. Sixty five years later or rather today this is a museum that plays host to an extensive and rich collection of artifacts pieces of art and other historical pieces of culture.  A lot of stories are told silently through these historical and cultural gens. From these pieces you will be able to understand the rich and diverse culture of the people of Burma, through which you will be able to appreciate the diversity of this global population. The stories of civilization of this historical population are also told through the pieces in the museum. In the event that you have plans of visiting this museum it is located along the 24/26Pansodan Street and this has been its location since the year 1970. Previously it was located along the Shwedagon Pagoda Road, the city of Yangon and specifically it was in the Jubilee Hall Building. The change in location was due to the need for larger space. Know about travel to yangon here!